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We understand your unique needs

You have a relationship with your investment advisor – since purchasing an apartment will likely be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime, we understand that you should also have the same level of rapport with your Real Estate Agent. We go above and beyond to foster that kind of close personal relationship with our clients. As we get to understand what moves you, what you want, and what inspires you, we make it our mission to find the New York apartment you have always dreamed of.


Our extensive history in the New York Real Estate market has helped us establish close connections and insider knowledge with Manhattan property developers. We know which exclusive new construction goes on the market, and when, which gives our discerning clients a distinct advantage in the competitive ever-changing New York Real Estate landscape.

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our mission

Our company was created to help connect buyers of apartments in NY City with a Licensed New York Real Estate Agent  (Broker). Obtaining a Buyer's Agent should occur before shopping for a New York apartment. Our approach is rooted in the recognition of the following: 

1.) Most people incorrectly believe they will save money by shopping for New York apartments for sale in Manhattan on their own. However it costs absolutely nothing to shop for New York Apartments for sale in Manhattan, and buy with the assistance of a specialized "Buyer's" New York Real Estate Agent.

2.) A Seller's Real Estate Broker will do very little to educate a buyer about New York apartment values. It is their goal to convince buyers that the New York apartments for sale that they represent are priced fairly. The incentive the Seller's Agents have when they get a buyer to purchase an apartment they represent for as much money as possible is they will earn a larger commission.

3.) Most Buyers of apartments in NY City do not realize Seller's Real Estate Agents are paid by the sellers to advertise and market their New York apartments, to ultimately sell them for as much money as possible. 

It is the goal of a New York Real Estate Agent who specializes in working with buyers to educate the buyer so they can assess the true value of apartments in NY City, bid effectively, and ultimately save as much money as possible on their purchase. Our experienced New York Real Estate Agents work for free while guiding buyers through the entire process of purchasing an apartment in NY City. We have vetted and refer only Licensed New York Real Estate Agents to ensure that we pair each buyer with the most knowledgeable Real Estate Broker in their desired neighborhood. All of the New York Real Estate Agents we recommend are licensed by the NY Department Of State and are members of the Real Estate Board Of New York (REBNY). These credentials give the Agents we recommend access to show all of the New York apartments for sale in Manhattan.